RECIPES / Salad, tuna salad, pickled garlic


1.  Garlic marinade 7-8 head.
2.  Garlic pickle juice 1-2 tsp.
3.  2 tablespoons salad dressing
4.  Tuna cube in 70 grams of salt.
5.  vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes,
    sweet corn seed volume as you like.


1.  Wash vegetables thoroughly prepared. Cut vegetables such
     as cucumbers, sliced ​​like shredded carrots.
2.  If the big sliced ​​tomatoes. If a small child is wearing it. Slice
     the boiled sweet corn seeds to ripen before. The amount of
     vegetables you like
3.  Garlic pickle brand Maejin to 7- 8 head to head If half. Or
     operate four small head, like if I put my whole head.
4.  Remove the cubes of tuna in brine. Mash the fish are small.
     Add garlic marinade prepared.
5.  Water pickled garlic dressing and mix well. To pour on
     the prepared shrug.
6.  beautifully decorated dish and serve.